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Finally a proven, step by step, career development experience built for 

SAAS Sales Managers & Reps

The Process of High Achievement  is the premiere online coaching *experience designed to help you deliver way better than average results in your SAAS Sales role and rapidly accelerate your career. 

POHA is currently closed for enrollment. It will open again soon. 

*practical knowledge derived from something personally encountered.

SAAS Sales Is The Toughest Job in Technology Today

However For "High Achievers" It Can Also Be The Fastest Path to Wealth Creation In Tech Companies

So Why Is It So Hard?

Why isn't everyone a High Achiever?

Why do some sales people crush their numbers and others don't? 

Why are some having their best months ever during COVID and others are leaving the business?

Why do some get promoted quickly and others sit in the same role struggling for years? 

Why are failure and rep attrition rates higher than ever? (often in excess of 40%)

I will Tell You Exactly Why...

Sales Managers & Sales Reps are not being given the coaching they need, to not only succeed, but in a lot of cases to survive!

How often have you heard this from a  Sales Leader?


“Here is what we sell”


“This is your territory” 


“We will have a forecast call on Wednesday” 


“You need to make 40 calls a day” 


“Your pipeline should be 5x your quota”


"we are still figuring out what your quota is and how you get paid. I’ll get back to you on that"




"Here is a login to our training portal, go get "certified" and let me know if you have any questions" 


“Good luck!” 

The System is Flawed!

This scenario is more common than not. We all know it, yet we keep doing things which are not solving the problem and  people are failing because of it.


Don't despair, there's still hope.....

What if.......

  You could take your career development into your own hands and not rely on the company? 

  You could get the coaching and guidance you need from a seasoned mentor?

  You could participate in a proven leadership and career development experience? 

  You could build a foundation for High Achievement by investing less than 5 hours a month?

  The 5 hours was integrated with and complimentary to your current sales role?

We couldn't find a solution so we built one.

Welcome to

The Process Of High Achievement!

Produce High Achieving results and rapidly accelerate your career through our step by step coaching and leadership development experience built for SAAS Sales Managers, Reps and BDRs.

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The Experience

Sprints: Are 90 days long and designed for you to run back to back sprints or take breaks in between.

Custom: Each sprint is a custom interactive experience because you don't need just another online course.

Value: Every sprint stands on its own. Do one or many, its' up to you and your coach to design an experience that leads to results.

Coaches: Are High Achievers who work within a defined coaching process.

The Pricing



A one time fee or $433 per month for three months.

The Process

Personalized: We begin with a personal needs assessment to customize your plan. 

Plan: We craft a specific plan to provide a step by step framework to agree on and follow. 

Weekly Training: We deliver custom training modules  and exercises to your inbox every week.

Coaching: You meet bi-weekly with your coach to discuss the learning content, review goal progression and overcome business obstacles. 

Get Started Today And Receive Time Bound Bonuses

44% Discount!!

Only 20 spots available at this price

$999 is our introductory pricing only available to 20 people.

44% discount off our $1,499 normal launch price.

Price increases to $1899 after we close this offering July 3!

Access to My Inner Circle

Limited to the first 20 sign ups

Peer Cohorts:  Meet with a group of 10 of your peers in a monthly roundtable mastermind facilitated by me.

Topics: We will discuss key topics, do group territory and call breakdowns and “ hot seat review” 

Introductions: Key Introductions within my personal network

Value: 3 FREE Monthly mastermind sessions ($1800 Value)

100% No Questions Asked  Money Back Guarantee!!


Joseph Rodriguez

SVP of Sales - Upland Software

"My success in sales has radically improved as a result of the coaching pithing the Process of High Achievement. I live the principles every day and use the same frameworks to help develop my teams. I highly recommend it."


Gary Swart

Partner, Polaris Partners

"When it comes to optimizing sales teams and developing leaders and reps HASL is second to none. I highly recommend them to the companies I work with"


Julie Mann

Sr. Director, Global Sales Development at Optimizely

"Without the incredible work you guys do at High Achiever, I would be living in a tactical world. Yu guys truly are the best and have provided me the most value of all"


Heather Buckingham

Regional VP, Sales at Khoros

"With the help of High Achiever we implemented a framework used by managers and the individual contributors to ensure alignment on the factors in which we contribute to making the company 'A Great Place to Work'. The framework gave us a common language to clearly articulate the differences in our unique point of view and how we felt about one another and the business."


Sam Deese

Sales Leader, Amazon

"I use different elements of The Process of High Achievement every week in my current role. I am a different person because and a way better leader because of the principles within The Process of High Achievement."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of content is included in the learning platform? 

The learning sessions cover a wide range of topics each of which are prioritized and sequenced based on the specific needs of the individual. There are currently 30 unique sessions in our learning platform. The topics are focused on helping people build competency across two fundamental aspects of the high achievement.

Mindset: is how we think, what we believe and our desires. Protecting, developing and expanding our mindset is a key element of rapid and sustained success.

Toolset: represents the specialized skills, competencies, disciplines and habits that we learn and sue to execute activities that lead to results.

They are also organized around career development planning that takes into consideration five key development areas.



Business Acumen

Sales Acumen

Industry Acumen

We take a holistic approach to development. The Process of High Achievement spans our personal and professional Lives. Success is about integrating who we are with what we do.

Q: How many people does my coach support? 

The right answer is that if you don't feel like you are the only one they support it's too many.

Q:Do I get access to your network of people?

Yes, as you progress through the process you not only get access to other students but access to our personal network through introduction and in some cases career opportunities.

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